A broken bone

In case you missed the news, our little Asher broke his leg on Jude’s birthday, August 16. I was changing his diaper and he got his leg stuck in between the slats. When I went to pick him up….yowzers! He screamed a really weird way and within 30 minutes we were off to Children’s Healthcare to get him x-rayed. After about an hour there, we found out that something was not right but the doctor on call was not entirely sure and said we needed to see an orthopedic the next morning. So they put him in a splint and we were off to Waffle House (Jude’s birthday request).

In the splint.

The next day we arrived at the orthopedic and as soon as the doctor walked in she said he has a buckle fracture and will need to be in a cast for 4 weeks. Sad times. Within days of having the cast on, he learned how to walk in it.

Getting his real cast.

Overall, he has been a great sport and it hasn’t seemed to bother him. This Wednesday is the big day that we get it off! Can’t wait to see him back on his own two feet.




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