Daddy Daughter Dance

This past Friday, Ellison and Ian had the daddy daughter dance at her school. These seem to be growing in popularity these days and I’m really glad that her school jumped on the bandwagon. As with any special day for a girl, the first decision was…..the dress! We searched at all of our normal spots but couldn’t really find anything that looks special but was still fit for a little girl. We finally found one at Marshall’s and Ellison really loved it. The next step was to find some shoes which we picked up at Target!

For a few weeks leading up to the dance Ellison kept wondering exactly when it was coming. On the actual day of, she was nearly counting down the hours till Daddy got home. All day she kept saying is “is it almost midnight”, which I’m guessing she equates with Cinderella and the ball. When the time finally arrived, she was dressed and ready to go as soon as Ian walked in the door.

First they were off to dinner where they met some of her classmates and their dads. When that was over she and Ian went to the actual dance where I hear they danced the night away. Ellison said that her favorite part of the daddy daughter dance was spending time with her daddy and Ian says it was watching her dance care free with all of her friends.

Here are some pictures of them before the big night.

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