Easter in Pictures

We really enjoyed Easter weekend around here. It was filled with Easter baskets, egg hunting, painting a canvas, family time and of course eating well! Hope you enjoyed yours too.

So thankful for His payment on our behalf.

Decorating Easter Baskets
Making Resurrection Rolls
Making He's Risen Rolls- These were pretty cool!
Good Friday, writing out our sins for our KidStuf activity. Such a neat visual of what Christ did!
Sunday Morning-Kids getting their loot.
All dressed up with our neighbor who joined us for church.
Massive Chadwick Easter Egg Hunt.
A copperhead tried to join the Chadwick Easter, but the men got rid of him!
Asher's getting in on the actiont!
Our family of 5 :-).
The Whole Crew without my SIL Greyson (we missed you Grey).
Covering over the sin on the canvas.
Our sins are covered!

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