First Birthday in Germany

For the past 6 months or so, our kids have been wondering whose birthday we’d celebrate first in our new country. And the winner was…

Our little guy turned 2 two a few weeks ago. We kicked the day off with his favorite breakfast- cookie cereal, then we headed to church. After church we picked up Happy Meals on the way home and he was one happy boy.

Later on in the afternoon the boys took a nap and the ladies in the family made a birthday cake (thanks to the Duncan Hines mix in our luggage) and birthday dinner. Ellison got all into celebrating his big day which was really sweet.

He loves blowing out candles and he also loves anything sweet so his cake was a hit.

So much so that he ended up getting into it when no one was looking.

The one thing we were all sad about was not being able to really celebrate his day with anyone else. Normally we would have had a big family birthday with all of the Atlanta cousins so that was a bit of a downer. To our surprise, some of our new friends stopped by knowing it was his birthday with a a little gift for him. They came at just the right time to enjoy some cake and sing the birthday song.

We are really thankful for Asher. He is a little guy who brings smiles to our faces when we need it. He is the most cuddly of our three and I eat that up! I’m not sure if it’s because he’s our 3rd, but we are truly enjoying watching him grow and it’s so fun to see our oldest two really excited about experiencing new things through his eyes.

Happy Birthday Little Guy!

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  1. Enjoy and savor every minute. All too soon little guys become “big guys.” Our now “big guy” grandson Josh graduates from high school in Roanoke, VA in just a couple of hours from now.

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