Speaking Austrian

One of the things that we’re looking forward to is learning a new language. When we arrive Ian and I will be in full time language school. Ellison, however, will go directly into Austrian school where she will begin learning German as she is educated. Everyone tells us that she should will be very proficient before we know it. (That makes me a little nervous, not gonna lie).

About a month ago, our friend Annemarie offered to help our family with this transition by teaching us German! We first met her after watching her baptism video at church years ago. When we listened to the video we learned that she was from….you guessed it-Austria. She excited for our passion for her home country and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. When she found out about our plans to head back to Austria, she offered to come and teach us German. After a few weeks together, Ellison is getting the most time with her while I hang out with the boys.

Thanks Annemarie for your help! We are so thankful.



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