Grocery Shopping

Every other Tuesday Ellison has school for an hour and a half. Instead of driving all the way back home, I’ve been using that time to get grocery shopping done. It’s nice to be in sort of a rhythm with where to go for what and to be figuring out what works for our family.

When we lived in the States, Aldi was one of my favorite grocery stores. I loved being able to get in and out quickly and if they didn’t have it, I either made due or visited a bigger store and selected only what I needed there. Aldi is actually a German chain and the style of shopping (5 ailes, cashiers sitting down, paying for grocery bags and inserting a coin for grocery carts) is very common here. So I made it a point to buy a big Aldi bag while I was still in the US because I knew I’d put it to good use here. It’s kinda cool walking in with my English Aldi bag.

A major difference to the Aldi in the US and the Aldi here is that they have a big section for lots of other things. It changes from week to week and it kinda goes by themes. So this week was…America week apparently. I was doing my normal grocery shopping and was stopped by the display of American items. I grinned from ear to ear to see jelly beans, marshmallows and fried onions.

Random 3 items I know, but hopefully they’ll help us connect to the celebrating that we’ll miss at home.

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  1. That is awesome Beth! I love Aldi! I’m so glad you guys are settling in and making it home. Praying for you friend! btw, where do I now send you a letter? (since that one I told you about never quite got out of my house!) Sorry.

  2. Aldi’s is a great store and it does change from week to week. Did you know that there is an app for that?! I love looking on my phone and then going to get the sale items.

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