Guess who’s coming in November

This week we announced on Facebook that we’re expecting again! I loved all of the likes and sweet comments from people back home. It’s so funny how times have changed in just 9 years. Nowadays it’s like Facebook is the official message board to all of your friends. Nine years ago, when we found out we were pregnant with Ellison and we sent out an email to lots of friends announcing the news. Ha!

This go round not only the way we announced it was different, but I’ve felt different too. I was crazy sick the first 3 months which didn’t make for a very nice pregnant woman. Every other time, I’ve devoured my first trimester cravings, slept a bit more and waited for my belly to really show. This go round I lost weight (who knew this could happen right!) thanks to my smaller appetite, slept a ton and just tried to keep moving. I will say that the one thing I loved about the first trimester was announcing it to the kids and hearing their questions and seeing their excitement each day about a new baby on the way.


I’m now in the second trimester with my belly already protruding quite nicely and I’m pleased to say that I have regained my appetite(and cravings) and I haven’t had nausea or vomiting in quite a few weeks! I’m hoping it’s safe to say that that phase is behind me.

So come November, we’ll be adding another baby to our crew and we are all very excited to experience all the joys that new life brings!



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  1. THAT’S TERRRRRIFIC!!!!! I don’t have Facebook so I’m just seeing this now but I’m so so so excited for you all!!! Yay! Ok, now I’m going to go grab some grub to get a “food baby” so I can pretend we’re preggers together. Lol. JK: I have my hands full with just 1 so I don’t know how you do it. All your kiddos are gorgeous & so well behaved!

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