Heat Wave

Summer seems to have settled in here in Germany. We have had beautiful weather for the past week and a half with temps between 75 and 80. The sun has been shining everyday which is just so lovely. This is definitely a new normal for summer temps for us, but I have to say that considering the absence of AC in homes and stores I don’t think it would be very enjoyable if it got too much warmer.

Last summer we kept eyeing a local swimming pool and waiting for it to get hot (like Georgia/South Carolina hot), but it never came and we missed the chance to swim. As soon as we saw the forecast for temps getting a little high this year we purposed that we would drop everything and get to the pool. A few weeks ago a heat wave came through! It was like a gift lavished on us from our gracious Father who knew that we were in need of some summer people! For the entire week it was in the 90’s here. Abnormally hot for this area! One day it even got up to 97 degrees. If we’ve learned anything at all over the past year or so here, it’s never..ever…take beautiful weather for granted. So, when we saw the temps up high we dropped everything and headed to the pool. To our surprise our family could get in for about 6Euros and swim as long as we wanted!

On a few of the other days we set up some water fun in the backyard and the kids had a great time.







Happy Summer!

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  1. That’s awesome! We really have had a strange summer in Indiana also…It just hit 90s this week. I’m praying for you today that you will continue to feel your daddy’s love as He lavishes you with every good and perfect gift from above! Just because you are you…

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