More than Money

When we went to our initial training for support raising, one of the speakers said something to us that really rings true today. She told us to pay attention as we meet with people in an effort to bring them on our “support team.” She said that we are being called into ministry not just on the other side of the world, but right here….right now. Every opportunity we have to share our story and our hearts and ultimately invite someone to join our team is an opportunity to be silent and listen to what He has in mind. We heard those words but honestly what rung louder was the fact that we had to raise nearly 10K dollars per month to live and do ministry in Austria.

But it has happened. Right before our eyes, we have become intimately connected with a group of supporters. Over the past several months of raising support we have hurt with others, rejoiced with others and asked why with others. We’ve attended funerals, held babies, laughed hard and cried silently for others. It’s been a beautiful thing, one that we could not even imagine.

I was one of those people who did not want to raise money to go overseas and somehow God has given me the ability to view this through His timing and His calling of who’s to be on the “support team”. When we started off, I only used the term support team becasue that’s what I was told to do. Today when I say that, I realize that this truly is a beautiful team of supporters. Cheering each other on to the finish.

So here’s a big shout out to our awesome support team. We would not be here without you and we are honored to do life with you.

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