On the road again

Last week we woke up at 3AM to call the visa office in Vienna. We were so thankful to actually get a voice on the phone and one that understood English too! We’ve called multiple times over the past month only to end up on hold or to get someone who doesn’t understand English. After looking us up in the computer system, we found out that we are “in process.” Don’t get me wrong, we were really happy that they actually had our documents but we were hoping for an answer like “it left our office yesterday.”

In light of that answer, we decided to hit the road and take a little time away from the daily PO Box check and the reality that our lives are simply on hold right now. I know that weeks from now this will be over and we will be establishing a new set of reality for our family but we really felt like we needed to get away for a little bit and just….be. Be with each other and be with our Father.

Some friends of ours offered the use of their home in SC as a space for our family to use for the week which has been amazing! We have really enjoyed the rest that this place has provided for us. We’ve had some really much needed conversations with our kids and with each other about this next phase of life for us. Just today a conversation with Ellison ended with some tears and honestly, that was hard. It was also very necessary to help her grieve what we are leaving behind and it gave us a glimpse into how all of this change is really affecting her.

We are all set to leave here on Friday and our next stop will be to say some more good byes to family closer to this area and friends as well.  We’d love to keep you posted along the way as we travel through the great states of SC and NC.

Let the Chadwick Family farewell tour begin!

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  1. Hello my dear friends,
    All I can say is have patience.The Austrian Government is actually very good compared to other EU Countries.
    Hang in there !

  2. Thanks Henry! We can’t wait to see you. Hope all is well and we look forward to catching up soon.

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