One Encouraging Week

Between, Facebook, Twitter this blog and our inboxes, we have been inundated with kind messages and notes from you guys. We have definitely felt a sense of your prayers and concerns and we are so thankful. God is doing some really cool things and we are hopeful to tell the whole story of this past week and a half very soon.

Over this past week or so we’ve run into some encouraging resources and we wanted to share those.

-James MacDonald  did a message at Life Church entitled Passing the Test. It was hugely encouraging. You can go here to listen if you’d like.

– Sally Clarkson is an incredible woman who has a blog called I Take Joy. She served in Austria for a season of her missionary time which is a bonus! I wish I could read all of her resources and soak them in. If you are a mommy, then I highly recommend following her. Her insights and wisdom speak straight to my heart and she inspires me in so many ways just through her daily posts. Last week she posted this which brought me to tears.

– One final resource is Arabahjoy. This is another woman that I so wish I could meet. She too has served as a missionary and is a mother as well. She wrote about “How Not to Be a Negative Person“and I must have read it 10 times. It was convicting, encouraging and motivating.

Thank you again for all of your comments and kindnesses toward us. We are blessed by each of you. This is a big week as we await some answers concerning our next step. We would be honored if you would continue praying for us. We are praying for trust in God’s timing and ways, patience with this process and each other and to pass this test well.


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