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We live on the outskirts of Augsburg which is a small city about 40 minutes away from Munich. Our area of Augsburg is called Bärenkellar. One of you from home mentioned that it may be neat to show some pictures from around our town. In light of the thankful posts this week, I thought today would be a good day to share some of those pictures.

The other day as I was walking to the pharmacy to get some medicine I felt a little flutter in my stomach because I looked across the street and there was Ellison’s school and I knew that just around the block was Jude’s kindergarten. It was this feeling of ahhh we really live here. As with most towns here, we have a small grocery store within biking distance, a bakery (actually 4 of them within walking distance-fresh bread is a big deal here), a  general doctor, a pharmacy and a butcher.



The people here have been for the most part really warm to us and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. We’ve developed a relationship with our neighbors across the street and with our neighbor who lives in the other side of our house. Down the street we’ve even met a retired American and his wife who is a native German.

A year ago, we would have never guessed that we’d be here in Bärenkeller walking the streets and actually doing life here. I’m so thankful, however, to be here, to be settled and to know for the most part how to get what we need to live.

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  1. Fun post! Dude, I would be in SO MUCH TROUBLE with four bakeries within walking distance?! I can only imagine the bargaining I’d be doing with myself: “I DID walk here after all…” 🙂

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