Some Days…

While everyone back in America is starting a new school year and posting pictures all over Facebook, we are just at the beginning of our summer vacation. Ellison ended school on the last day of July and we were all kinds of pumped to pick her up from school. We had the cameras ready hoping to get a big smile and this is what we got…

It turns out that her last day of school ended with her not being able to find one of her house shoes. All kids are required to wear house shoes inside of school and she was really excited to bring hers home at the end of the year to have in the house for the summer. For some reason, she could only find one shoe. She and her teacher looked all over the classroom but with no luck. It stinks because it was a really rotten ending for her.

The difficult thing about writing this blog is that I am tempted to only write when things are sunny and cheery. The major problem with that is that we are tempted to tell only one side of the story. The truth is, a life in a different culture away from nearly everything familiar comes with challenges, many challenges. Sometimes even a lost house shoe can bring a girl to tears for hours (yes hours), even when there are lunch guests downstairs. Sometimes just the image of something familiar from home like a box of Corn Flakes can bring on a big funk fest and sometimes missing the Olympics because you don’t have tv service because it’s just too much to figure out with not understanding the language…well it just stinks.

Thankfully not everyday has been like this and God has been incredibly gracious to our family and we are thankful for all that He has done to integrate our lives into his story in Augsburg, Germany-who would have thought. I guess there’s really no real reason to write this post except to tell you that some days are better than others and sometimes when we’re silent here it’s because we are in the throws of doing life and figuring things out and those are the times that we need you at home most to pray, pray and pray some more.

Thanks for reading and following us on this journey!

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  1. Love this post, friend! Thx for keepin’ it real and allowing us back home to come alongside you in prayer!

  2. I don’t know why but this post makes me sing, “lean on me when you’re not strong and I’ll be friend. I’ll help you carry on…”

  3. I love your transparency, Beth! Thanks for sharing that so that we know specifically how to pray. Lifting you all up!

  4. Thanks Beth, awesome story!
    Not a great analogy but when I see a real Philly Cheese steak or watch the Eagles and they are selling REAL SOFT Pretzels I miss Philadelphia in my heart!! I miss WAWA!! You have no idea of what I am talking about but QT does not compare!! Thanks for making me feel ok about that!!
    I miss u guys being there!! This was a great reason to write!! Keep them coming, we can handle the other side and I love the pics.
    In Him Cheryl

  5. You are RIGHT! Blogging about the challenges tells his whole story Thanks for being an inspiration!

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