Sunny Day

Adjusting has been the name of the game over these past 2 weeks. We have adjusted to the time change which has been great! Language, and culture will take quite a bit longer. One other adjustment that we’ve had to make is to the weather. We went from tanks and flops to boots and coats in a 24 hour period. We have been so happy to just be here that we haven’t really been bummed out about the weather. It’s just a part of the change.

Today we had a glorious surprise with 70 degree temps! After a crazy past 2 days of trying to register our family in the city we got a phone call from Dianne urging us to give ourselves a break and come over for lunch. She and her husband had us over for lunch and before we ate, the men checked a big item off of our list- setting up a bank account.

On our drive home we were taken aback with how beautiful the weather was. When we got home we didn’t even go inside. We headed straight for a nearby path to enjoy the beautiful weather. Today was so sunny and we were all really happy to be outside enjoying the weather.

Jude trying to catch a butterfly
Ellison picking flowers for a bouquet
Asher in action

Although we are still adjusting lots, we are incredibly thankful for the doors that God has opened for us here!  There’s been lots of hard work trying to get us set up but in only 2 weeks we are now officially registered to reside here, we have an appointment to obtain our visas, we own a car, we have a phone, we have consistent internet, a German bank account and we even have a contract on a place to live.

These are things worth running through the fields about! Wouldn’t you agree?



6 Replies to “Sunny Day”

  1. Love, love, love the update! I am so excited for this adventure for which God has called you. Cannot wait for more pictures and updates!! Praying for you. 🙂

  2. Fantastic! I am so glad to see joy in your words and pictures. What a beautiful place! I can’t wait to see God’s plan unfold. Thanks for the update.

  3. So glad to see a smile on Jude’s face! Glad to hear so many of the logistics are getting checked off the list. Praying you have a moment to breathe!

  4. Tears of joy!!! So excited for the way things are coming together and can’t wait for more news and more pictures!

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