Welcome to the supporter page! The purpose of this page is to give you a more intimate look into how you can be praying for our family and the ministry work of our team.

We will be sharing details about people we meet and how you can specifically pray for them. For that reason, we do not want the general public to know about this page. Each month we will provide a link to this page in the newsletter in case you forget how to get here.

Thank you for praying and being a part of “go”ing and “do”ing the important work of spreading the gospel of our Savior to Austria!

2/7- Pray for continued encouragement for our family. We’re having a tough week waiting.

2/8 Ian met with an old co-worker today. He is on the brink of divorce from his wife and he is disconnected from God. They have a lunch meeting on Friday. Pray for wisdom and influence. He is going to be reading the book of John and they will be discussing it on Friday together.

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