Our weeks stay pretty full here. With school, homework, language school, Zumba, basketball, kids activities, meeting with speaking partners, church meetings and so on we find ourselves completely spent when Friday comes around. It’s not just the activities, it’s the language and the culture and the position of always being a student of something whether or not you want to be. Being here is indeed one big adventure and with every adventure there are pros and cons. So when Friday rolls in and everyone has returned to the nest, we. shut. down.

It’s the time where we shut our ears and our lives off to the culture around us and we take in our own culture-Chadwick culture- which has become a blend of where we currently live and where we came from. On most Fridays we eat pizza. We either order it from a local place, make it from scratch, or doctor up some frozen ones. We then make a big salad and we have some sort of yummy dessert afterwards. We all head in to our living room and we settle in for a movie together. We’ve tried to mix it up every now and then with a game or something else, but honestly the most relaxing thing is to sit and watch TV.

Family night has really become sacred to us. It’s special and essential to our existence as a family. We’ve found that we need a designated night to turn it all off and just relax. We need time to be together. Just laugh and unwind from the week so that when we go back out into the world, we are filled.

I really do Thank God It’s Friday. It’s my favorite night of the week.

What about you guys, does anyone have special weekend traditions? Is it Friday night or some other night? 

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