The first big move

On Labor Day, we decided it was time to start the major purging that had to be done before we go overseas. So we emptied our attic…..

Once we got everything in some sort of order we decided to do a yard sale and just get rid of most of it. It was so freeing to know what had been lurking up in the attic and to have it gone.

During the process of getting ready for the yard sale, we realized that a lot of energy and time had to be exerted just for the logistics of moving our family. So we decided that we needed to move to somewhere temporary so that our final weeks could be focused on seeing friends and family and saying good bye well instead of on moving logistics.

Some of our friends have a beautiful home and several months ago decided to use their basement apartment as a gift to others. A few weeks ago, they offered to house our family there as soon as we needed it and we jumped right on the offer. The bonus is that it is about so much more than just having a place to stay, we are getting to live with some folks who we love and admire so much. They have 2 little girls, a huge backyard, and lots of toys. The kids cannot stop asking when we are actually going to live there.

We are all really looking forward to moving there and living among our community until we leave.

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  1. That is exactly what we did before we moved to Austria. We never realized how much stuff we had until we had to think about packing it, sending it overseas, and unpacking it. We did a major purge and got rid of a lot. Now we travel lean and mean, like the nomads we have become 🙂 So excited for you all to get out here and meet you in person!

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