The Making of a Prayer Card

Rule number 1 to being a missionary is to have a prayer card. Last week we must have been asked 25 times about one. It was cool because people want a tangible reminder to pray for your family. We got some magnets made almost a year ago but our picture is out of date and there isn’t a ton of contact information on it. With  our move approaching fast we realize that we need an updated card done ASAP. The major hold up has been getting another family picture done which for those of you with kids will know, is no easy task.

Last week in Wheaton, we made a new friend, Karlene from Canada. (side note- I could just listen to she and her husband talk all day long with their awesome accents). She overheard me saying that we needed a new prayer card and offered to take some pics for us.

I present to you….the making of a prayer card.


Asher: Cheeeeeeese

Asher: “Guys there are markings on this tree.” Jude: “My teeth hurt.”

Leaf Break!

Getting a little closer.

It’s really sunny down here….

Ok….crop out the paci and I think we’ve got a winner :-).

4 Replies to “The Making of a Prayer Card”

  1. Love all the pics – such a beautiful family! Beth, you look stunning. You may not be doing Weight Watchers, but you look great… happiness, perhaps? 🙂

  2. Ha ha! So fun to see the process: priceless. 🙂
    Glad you were asked several times about those cards: I know I was thinking it, but didn’t say anything. Given your fan club here, I’m pretty sure once we see those hit this office they’ll go like hotcakes! Let me know when you send a few our way so I can beat the rush!

  3. We would love to have a card Beth! I watched your video for the first time and I was so touched at what the Lord is doing in you guys! Know that your friends from SC/IN will be praying for you!!!!

  4. I soooooo loved this post……the making of a prayer card!!!! How creative! 🙂 I really enjoyed taking pictures of you’all…..:)…….I’m glad it could help you out! I’ve recently decided to try selling some of my African photography to help us in raising support. We will see how this goes. Maybe it will just help us get through the year since Anthony still doesn’t have full time work. We will see. So excited that you are so close to 100%! Awesome! God is so good! He continues to teach us about His provision! So good to get to know you in Wheaton! Blessings on you as you continue to prepare! We’re praying for you and for your visas! 🙂 (Do we really have accents?) lol 🙂

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