So the talk from Atlanta is all about the heat. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I miss that heat. The sweltering wanna jump in a pool kinda heat. I’m a Southern girl at heart and I grew up less than an hour away from the beach. So, the sun and being near water are two of my favorite things.

Many people have been curious about what the weather is like for us. You know, its kinda crazy and I still feel like I’m waiting on Summer to really arrive. I have a feeling that when Fall gets into high gear I’m going to feel like I’ve missed something.

When Memorial Day comes to Atlanta it’s pretty much a guarantee that you can put away sweaters and jeans until late fall. Not so much the case here in good ole’ Augsburg. For example, today when I took Ellison to school it was in the 50’s. Yep the 50’s in July. Jude wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants and did not break a sweat. I had the heat on driving in. What!!!??!!  The “Summer” weather here has been more like a Spring in Atlanta. Some days it’s like 60 and then a few days in a row it will be like 85 or so. It’s been well over a week since we’ve been able to start a day in shorts and sandals and feel comfortable.

One thing that I’m learning is to layer and to just wait and see what the weather will bring. The huge plus to this milder summer,  is that since homes are not air conditioned, it is much more bearable.

The variable temperatures make one thing sure- when the sun is hot and shining, you drop everything and get outside.

Here’s to hoping for a sunny hot day tomorrow or someday soon. Please…

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  1. Beth, I think the weather is crazy all over the world right now! We have grass like we live in Anderson again…praying for rain for all our farmer friends. I am not going to lie, I love fall and spring weather, but with kids it is so much easier to know what to put on them for the day! I will pray for some good southern heat to come your way!

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