One of our favorite things

In the summer there are lots of opportunities to pick pick fresh fruit here. Picking fruit and making jam are not just a new trend, they really are a part of life here. The double house that we moved into has a place in the garden with raspberries, a tree that grows sour cherries, bushes filled with currents and apple trees. We are truly blessed! Last year we were pretty much immersed in just moving in and missed out on really getting into this part of culture and picking fruit. Unfortunately, we saw the longest winter in recent history here and so the harvests overall were not as good this year.

One day while out taking a walk, we noticed a sign for a local strawberry patch and decided that we’d make some time and give it a go this year.




You can eat as you pick which was Jude’s favorite part. In the end we picked about 2 pounds of fruit. One of my friends here laughed when I told her that because that is not nearly enough to do much at all with :-). We didn’t end up making preserves as someone is short on energy right about now..ahemmm… but we had a lot of fun soaking up the sun and picking some delicious strawberries.






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